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We are supplying quality plants and landscape products to Corporate Offices, Builders, Institutions, Apartments, Villas & for Customers at reasonable rates.


Delivery and installation of selected plants on your site.We are committed to serving you and stand behind our plant material and our work.Plant care instructions & advice.


All designs are custom created to suit clients vision. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers to provide a unique landscape designed specially for each customer.


Our maintenance team is ready to tend your plants and help your landscape become an established & functioning garden. We will provide landscape solutions to the existing designs.


We pride ourselves on professional and affordable services that will keep your garden looking at its best. We’ll design you a great garden with affordable plants to suit your space or design


Our design & installation professionals can create your dream space or feature.These may be stand alone projects or combined with other projects.


Garden Accessories:  Garden Cultivator | Garden Fork | Hand Weeder | Watering Can Green | Watering Can Red |

Pebbles:  Green Pebbles | Multi Colored Pebbles | White Pebbles |


Fertilizers:  Coco Peat Compost | Moss Peat Compost | Natural Dried Moss Grass | Neem Cake Compost | Perlite Compost |


Bouquet:  10 Pink Rose Bouquet | 12 Pink Carnation Flower Bouquet | 12 Red Carnation flower Bouquet | 12 White Carnation Flower Bouquet | 16 Ferrero Red Rose Bouquet |

Gift Plants:  Anthurium Andreanum pink gift plant | Anthurium Andreanum Red Gift Plant | Poinsettia Pink Gift Plant | Poinsettia Red Gift Plant | Poinsettia White Gift Plant |

Lawn Services

Artificial Lawn:  Artificial Lawn Laying | Artificial Lawn Supply |

Natural Lawn:  Natural Lawn Laying | Natural Lawn Supply |


Air purifiers:  Aglaonema Red Plant | Aglaonema White | Fern Emina Plant | Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Miniature) | Philodendron Broken Heart |

Bamboo:  Buddha Belly Bamboo | Golden bamboo plant | Lucky Bamboo | Simba Bamboo | Verigated Bamboo |

Bonsai:  Crassula Ovata Bonsai 5 Years | Ficus Bonsai Plant | Ficus S Shape 5 Years |

Cactus:  Balloon Cactus | Dragon Fruit Cactus | Mammillaria Beneckei | Moon Cactus Orange | Moon Cactus Pink |

Climbers and Creepers:  Allmanda Cherry Ripe Creeper | Allmanda Yellow Creeper | Bleeding Heart Vine Red | Bleeding Heart Vine White Plant | Climbing Rose Pink Plant |

Flowering Plants:  Aboli Plant | Adenium Pink | Balsam Red Flowering Plant | Begonia | Bougainvillea Pink |

Fruit Plants:  Amla Plant | Guava Plant | Mango Plant | Pomegranate Plant | Sapota Plant |

Indoor:  Alocasia Plant | Aloevera plant | Anthurium Pink | Anthurium Red | Aralia Golden - Plant |

Outdoor:  Acalypha Java | Acalypha Red | Alstonia Plant | Aralia Green Plant | Aralia White Plant |

Palms:  China Fan Palm | Coconut Plant | Fishtail Palm Plant | Foxtail Palm Plant | Kentia Palm |

Pots and Planters

Ceramic Pots:  Blue Designer Buddha Ceramic Pot | Blue Designer Ceramic Pot | Brown Flower Design Ceramic Pot | Buddha White Ceramic Pot | Cow Shaped Ceramic Pot |

Decora Pots:  Decora Round pot GV 33 Grey | Decora Round pot GV 38 | Decora Round pot GV 46 | Decora Round pot GV 53 | Decora square pot Grey GC 30 |

Planters:  Pot in pot Black Planter 12*13 CMS | Pot in pot Green Black 16*15 CMS | Pot in pot Green Planter 12*13 CMS | Pot in pot Green Planter 16*15 CMS | Pot in pot Grey Planter 12*13 CMS |

Plastic Pots:  Plastic pot round Multi Color 14*12.5 cm (4 Pots) | Plastic Flower Pot blue | Plastic Flower Pot Green | Plastic Flower Pot Orange | Plastic Flower Pot Red |


Flower Seeds:  Balsam Mixed Seeds | Balsam Rose Seeds | Begonia Mixed Seeds | Celosia Plumosa Mixed Seeds | Celosia Plumosa Pink Seeds |

Fruit Seeds:  Citrus - Nimboo Seeds | Orange Santra Seeds | Papaya Seeds | Pomegranate Plant Seeds | Red Strawberry Seeds |

Grass and Tree Seeds:  Ashwagandha Seeds |

Herb Seeds:  Amaranthus Seeds (Thotakura) | Fennel Seeds | Malabar spinach (Bachali) | Mint Seeds | Parsley Seeds |

Vegetable Seeds:  Beetroot Seeds | Bhindi Seeds | Bittergourd Seeds - Green | Bittergourd Seeds - White | Bottle Gourd |